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Personal Chef

Following my degree from Johnson & Wales university, I bravely developed more professional experience through internships and career opportunities around the world. My passion is growing and gathering the highest quality ingredients to create the most enriching food for our souls. I personally enjoy private catering and I will continue to offer this service for indoor and outdoor popup setting- please contact through email if interested. Include project expectations if you can(desired menu theme, brief personalization aka about you, number of people for event, time and place) This will prepare us for more in depth conversations and planning.

Appetizer's & Accompaniments

Snackable Sharing Size Treats

Bringing a little something to the table- Helping you share snacks and conversation with folks.

Main Attraction

Hand Prepared Meals Family Style or Plated.

Fit for each attending persons diet, surrounding theme of home style, cultural fusion or light and fresh.

Sweet Treats To Share Together or To Go

Perhaps something to write home about.

Whether an indulgent dessert, fresh garden delight or a treasured cookie. Something for guests to take with them after an event.

Private Catering

Customizable Courses

Set Up & Clean Up

Please Email to Discuss Your Desired Dining Experience.
What’s included

Consultation with you in person, preferably seeing the location of the event where we will be hosting. We will discuss the method of prep for your event, timing, dietary needs and desired theme/menu.


Main Attraction

Per Person Includes Food, Plate, Water Cup, Utensils, and Napkin.

Seasonal Menu following your customized theme:

Homestyle Meals, Light & Fresh, or Cultural Fusion.



Per Person includes appetizers, accompaniments and seasonal beverage.

Presented family style on self serve table. Giving guests a place to check in and unwind upon arrival.

Plates, cups, napkins and necessary utensils provided.


Nice Touch

Per Person includes

Dessert available on presentation table as family style self serve with plates, napkins and utensils.


Personalized Treats- Presented as gift boxes for each attendee as they depart.